Welcome Home...

Crochet, knit, and sewn afghans and quilts to welcome homeless veterans to their new homes...

Forming Satellite Welcome Home... Groups

Welcome Home... is currently embarking on an additional mission - one that has the purpose of providing more and more afghans and quilts to homeless veterans in areas around the country.

As I start this project on my own (in October 2015), I have plans to distribute hand made and new afghans and quilts to the homeless veterans in Tucson, AZ... through the project being implemented by the local Mayor's office to place homeless veterans in housing in this area.

In order to be able to have more and more needed afghans and quilts distributed at other locations, I am encouraging volunteers to make and distribute them in their own locality - and to start up their own Welcome Home... satellite groups. Frankly, this is an easy charity to run. All you need to do is advertise your mission, collect and make afghans and quilts, label them if you like, and distribute them. I can help.

I receive needed items from all over the United States. Folks who make afghans and quilts in other locations would probably prefer that their goodies be distributed locally. And I would be delighted to refer those individuals living near you to your Welcome Home... satellite group.

So, if you are interested in starting up a local Welcome Home... group, please feel free to contact me about your wishes anytime.

Sue W. Thompson

P.S. We can post information about any satellite group on our Groups List. While we won't be able to make a website or subsite for your group, we can link to any site you create, or...if you prefer...we can just list your contact information.