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Crochet, knit, and sewn afghans and quilts to welcome homeless veterans to their new homes...

News Regarding Tucson's Homeless Veterans

Welcome Home... News Coverage

Here are a few of the articles we've come across discussing homeless veterans in Tucson, AZ, this Welcome Home... project, and local groups that work to assist homeless veterans. If your "Welcome Home...." efforts were covered in the newspapers or online or you see some mention, please let us know and we'll add a link or copy here. Thanks!

Date Publication Article
27 Jun 2017 Arizona Daily Star

"Steller: Incremental progress made on Tucson homelessness as programs open"

14 Jun 2017 Arizona Daily Star

"New housing for homeless vets to open on east side"

19 Nov 2016 Arizona Daily Star

"Sister Jose's Women's Shelter to open a new property for Tucson's homeless women (including veterans) to call their own..."

10 Aug 2016 Arizona Daily Star

"In communities nationwide, proof that ending veteran homelessness is possible"

9 Feb 2016 Arizona Daily Star

News regarding the Sister Jose Women's Shelter...a safe haven providing many services to homeless women in Tucson, AZ...including homeless veterans.
"Women's homeless shelter moving to W. University neighborhood"

2 Feb 2016 WVH

True story...
There is a little 10 year old Mexican boy. His female aunt lives here in Tucson and works with the daughter of a friend of mine....my best knitting friend. This aunt is a 23 year old who was born here, but her mother wasn't. Her mother was sent back to Mexico (Nogales...on the Mexico/Arizona border) and the young lady who lives here has been visiting her mother weekly to take things she needs (probably a bit of money...and food, etc.). Anyway, bad people in Nogales (Mexico) look for people like her and take advantage. They kidnapped the mother two or three weeks ago...along with the 10 year old little boy nephew... and demanded $15,000 in ransom. The young girl was able to pay them $6000...and they accepted that and released the mother and the boy. Since the boy was born in the USA, the young aunt living here in Tucson brought him here and she is caring for him...and the family is working very hard in trying to get permission to get the mother back here. Meanwhile, the mother was housed in an apartment in Nogales that the police monitored...trying to keep her safe. Later, she was moved to an immigration center in Eloy, AZ. The family spends what little money they have on lawyers...trying to negotiate the return of the mother. I decided the little boy has been through hell...and needed a prayer shawl (although I make what I call "prayer blankets")...so I wrote to Mollie to ask if she minded if I gave him this nice blue fleece blanket she recently sent to me...instead of giving it to the vets?

news story image

The 10-year old boy was able to pick out one of the male kidnappers from a police photo. The police recognized him and arrested him...and got him to tell them who the other male was who was involved with the kidnapping. So both were arrested. Then, they figured out that a woman was also involved...so they got her too. Last week...all three kidnappers were tried in a Mexican court. The two men confessed, but the woman did not. The judge told her he didn't believe her... so all three were immediately convicted...and the judge sentenced each to 60 years in prison!!! Can you believe it? This all happened within two weeks.

And...there's more...
I recently learned that the young girl who paid the ransom used to work in a bank here in Tucson...From that job. she apparently learned to add her initials to every dollar of the ransom money...and now...$1500 has been recovered! Hopefully, more will be recovered. this is an ongoing saga.

Warm smiles,
16 Feb 2016

21 Dec 2015 Arizona Daily Star "Ask Amy: 'Tis the season to give as much as you can"
12 Nov 2015

I just got home from delivering the 41 afghans and quilts that you all provided for me! Glenn Fournie, the Tucson Mayor's Project Coordinator (for Housing and Community Development) is shown here with one of the afghans. He's delighted with the sizes and how gorgeously they are made...and the number of them! Just today, he's helping four homeless vets move into their new small apartments...and each will receive one of these afghans.

Glenn was especially happy that they are a decent size for a twin bed/mattress...as each vet receives a brand new twin mattress (avoiding the risk of bed bugs). The weather has been chilly here this past week (we actually have our heat on at home)...so this is a perfect time for these to be donated.

P.S. - The afghan Glenn is holding (made and donated by Hattie) is folded in half...It's not as short as it appears in this photo...

11 Nov 2015 Arizona Daily Star "VA enters stretch on goals for homelessness, claims backlog"
17 Oct 2015 Arizona Daily Star "Tucson Guard member after Ms. Veteran America crown"
29 Sep 2015 Arizona Daily Star
(Letters to the Editor)

Please help shelter for homeless women

After last week, with the pope reminding us to take care of the poor, I would like to bring attention to the needs of homeless women in Tucson. Sisters Helping Sisters is a nonprofit organization that is in need of help with the winter months approaching. They have young, old and veterans who need a safe, warm place to stay at night, and the Sr. Jose Women's Center does that. They need not only donations, but also ladies clothes, personal care items, blankets and pillows. There are many places for men, but not for women, where they can feel safe. Please go to their website, www.srjosewomensshelter.org, for more information.

Mary Caswell
Oro Valley

22 Sep 2015 Arizona Daily Star "Community Demonstrates Commitment to its Veterans"
19 Sep 2015 Arizona Daily Star "Tucson on track to end homelessness among veterans"